1980 Penny Value: How Much is it Worth?


Collecting 1980 coins is a popular hobby among many individuals. To ascertain the value of a 1980 penny, it is essential to consider its condition, availability, demand, and history. Here are some of the most renowned pennies issued in 1980.

1. 1980 d penny

  • Value: $0.33 or more
  • Grade: MS 65
  • Sold: $3,600

The 1980 Lincoln Penny is renowned for its frequent alterations, making it a fascinating addition to any coin collection. Its ability to serve as a chronicle of the events that occurred in a given year is one of its most captivating characteristics.

The 1980 D Lincoln penny is readily available in grades of MS65 and below, with the United States Mint having produced over 5 billion specimens. MS66 specimens are rare, while MS67 specimens are not easily located. Anything higher than MS67 is highly sought after and difficult to find.

In 1980, the United States Mint produced three varieties of the one-cent coin: the 1980 penny without a mint mark, the 1980-D penny with a “D” mint mark, and the 1980-S penny with an “S” mint mark. A total of 5,140,098,660 pennies were issued at the Denver Mint in 1980, each bearing the “D” mint mark. The 1980 d penny is highly sought after due to its clear and deep design, making it easy to find a desirable coin.


The 1980 Lincoln coin produced at the Denver Mint bore the mint mark “D” beneath the date, indicating its origin from the prominent Denver coin. This coin was composed of 95% copper, similar to the Philadelphia-made coin. The 1980-D penny is worth more than its face value due to its high copper content. Even in tattered condition, each coin is worth between 2 and 3 cents, while in uncirculated condition, the value of each coin can range from 10 to 30 cents.

2. 1980 s penny

  • Value: Around $2.50
  • Grade: PR 65
  • Sold: $3,680

In 1980, the San Francisco Mint issued a mintage of 3,554,806 pennies. This quantity is much smaller than the number of coins struck by the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, yet it is still sufficient to satisfy collectors’ demand.

Typical 1980s coins typically range in value from $1 to $3. In 2003, the most expensive penny from that decade was an exceptionally well-preserved specimen that sold for as much as $3,680. As the United States Mint did not release 1980s coins in circulated condition, the only way to view themis if one is discovered that was separated from a proof set and used as currency.


The 1980s penny features a portrait of President Lincoln on the right side, with the phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST” carved above his head and the word “LIBERTY” placed to the left. Frank Gasparro’s 1959 inversion of the Lincoln Memorial design on the 1980 coin saw the 1909 Brenner wheat stem design placed at its center, with a small letter “FG” printed below the date to honor him.

The reverse of the coin features a monument design, with the words “ONE CENT” placed below the building and around the rims. The upper part of the back along the rims reads “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. Engraved between the words “USA” and above the Lincoln building is the caption “E PLURIBUS UNUM.” The edge of the Lincoln coin is plain, with no markings or ridges.

3. 1980 Canadian penny

  • Value: $0.03 CAD
  • Grade: High-grade
  • Sold: 0,10 US$ – 1,50 US$

The value of the 1980 Canadian penny is contingent upon a variety of factors, including quality, wear, demand, supply and rarity. The minimum value of the coin is estimated to be $0.03 CAD.

Kruger-Gray’s iconic design of two maple leaves on the same branch first appeared on the Canadian penny in 1937, and his initials were engraved on the right side of the coin. This design remained unchanged until 1967, when renowned Canadian designer Alex Colville created a stone dove to commemorate Canada’s centenary. This design was featured on the 1967 penny, and remains the only exception to Kruger-Gray’s original design.


The maple leaf, a proud symbol of Canada, has been featured on most of the Canadian coins issued from the Confederacy until 1935. On the obverse, the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II was displayed at the center of the coin, accompanied by the lettering “ELIZABETH II D∙G∙REGINA”.

4. 1980 Australian penny coin

  • Value: $14.90 – $34.80
  • Grade: MS-66 – MS67

In 1980, the Royal Australian Mint produced 137,960,000 pennies without a mint mark. These coins, which had been in circulation for 12 years alongside two cent coins, were removed from circulation in 1992, yet they remain legal tender.

The 1980 Australian penny coin features the “Second Portrait” of Queen Elizabeth II, depicting her wearing a tiara and facing right. This design is based on the Gottwald and Rank – Broadley portrait, which includes the diamond crown that was gifted to her by her grandmother in 1947.


The obverse of the coin features a feather-tailed glider, designed by renowned designer Stuart Devlin, with the denomination of 1 cent to the left
of the center. Below the tail of the glider, the initials “SD” are printed in honor of Devlin.

5. 1980 British penny

  • Value: $85,000
  • Grade: Good
  • Sold: 4,80

In 1980, the Royal Mint issued a mintage of 416,447,400 coins without a mint mark. This one-cent coin is the lowest circulating denomination of the British Pound, following the abolition of the half-cent in 1984. The 1980 British penny has been in circulation for over four decades.

The reverse of this coin features a latticework crowned with a chain, modeled after the Coat of Arms of King Henry VII and now the Coat of Arms of the Palace of Westminster, encircled by a beaded circle. Above this is the denomination, NEW PENNY, and below is the value, 1.


6. 1980 german penny

  • Value: $0.08 – $0.12
  • Grade: Circulated
  • Sold: 0,05 US$ – 4,22 US$

The oak tree is a proud symbol of Germany, standing for decades as a reminder of the hope of rebuilding the country after the war. This is represented on the reverse side of the coin, which features a small acorn with five leaves. Surrounding this image is the legend BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND.

The reverse of the 1980 German penny features a large 10 between the ears of the rye, denoting its face value of 10 Pfennig. At the center top is the mint mark of the place of production.


The 1980 penny is a valuable coin, and its worth can be difficult to determine. To gain an accurate understanding of its value, it is recommended to bring the coin to a coin dealer or expert. This article has provided beneficial information regarding the 1980 penny value and some of its outstanding features.

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