2009 Penny Values for Coin Collectors: A Guide to Rarity


Collectors of coins have long prized the 2009 penny for its rarity and value. As the coin is no longer in circulation, it commands a high price. This article will provide an overview of the features and grading of the 2009 penny, allowing collectors to make informed decisions when purchasing.

1. 2009 d penny

  • Value: $0.33
  • Grade: MS68RD
  • Sold: $4,700.00

The 2009 D penny is renowned for its strong strike, with many authorities assigning it an MS69 or MS70 grade. However, coins with a smaller form are not acceptable. Upon inspection, one can observe various inscriptions on the 2009 D penny.

The obverse of the coin bore the date of mintage and the inscription “IN GOD WE TRUST”, while the reverse featured the words “ONE CENT”, “E PLURIBUS UNUM”, and “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”.


The 2009 d penny is widely available in commerce, and it is relatively easy to find. To ensure the best quality, it is recommended to purchase coins that have been certified by a professional grading service. Coins with a Mint State Grade of MS67 or higher are particularly desirable to coin collectors and can command higher bids.

2. 2009 s penny

  • Value: $0.01
  • Grade: MS65
  • Sold: $550.00

To mark the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, the United States Mint issued four circulating commemorative pennies as part of the “Lincoln Bicentennial” collection. Each penny featured a different reverse design that highlighted a significant event in Lincoln’s life. Both the 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial Penny (P) and 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial Penny (D) were minted by the United States Mint.

The factory symbol can be found beneath the inscription on the reverse side of the currency. The mint also produced higher quality copper pennies with a semi-gloss finish as part of a collection. These valuable copper pennies are not available in circulation, as they are no longer issued for general use.


The 2009 S Proof Lincoln Cent features considerable mirroring on the reverse of select coins, with a woman depicted on the left holding a book and searching for duplication on her thumb. This coin is commonly included in proof collections, but does not command a premium.

3. 2009 canadian penny

  • Value: $0.14
  • Grade: Ungraded
  • Sold: $160,000

The 2009 Canadian Penny is a comprehensive reference for Canadian coins, released publicly and frequently. It provides a screening service to coin collectors, allowing them to obtain unbiased information regarding the potential market value of their currency.

The Government of Canada has declared that the 2009 Canadian penny will be removed due to its limited spending power in comparison to its face value. Furthermore, the accumulation of dimes in Canadian households, as well as environmental concerns, have had a detrimental effect on businesses, investment firms, and the financial system as a whole.


The 2009 Canadian penny may still be accepted in transactions, though price adjustments may be necessary. However, these coins are being systematically removed from circulation.

4. 2009 australian penny coin

  • Value: MS69
  • Grade: Lower-grade
  • Sold: $85,000

The Royal Australian Mint issued large quantities of aluminium-copper alloy paper currency in 2009, featuring the standard Ian Rank-Broadley image of Queen Elizabeth II, with the exception of the gold issue. Both the regular series of redback dollars and a special issue commemorating the Anniversary of the State Pension were made available to the public.


VP Coins continued their plan to increase show attendance at the Brisbane Coin shows in 2009 by overprinting the privy mark folders with special lettering to commemorate the event. Despite the Royal Australian Mint (RAM) not bringing their transportable print to any events that year, no coins were produced due to the persistence of the mintmark separation.

5. 2009 british penny

  • Value: £0.30
  • Grade: MS65
  • Sold: $2,040

In the UK, there are an estimated 30 billion pennies currently in circulation. These coins, some of which are rare and valuable, have been produced by the Treasury since AD 886. As such, many of these coins are no longer in use but remain in the possession of people across the country.

Families have been collecting coins for generations, with pennies being passed down from one to the next. Since the introduction of the decimal system in 1971, many of the coins in circulation have changed in form and size. The 2009 British penny has only been in circulation for just over two decades.


A total of 210,000 2009 British pennies were minted by the Government to commemorate the 250th anniversary of London’s Kew Gardens, making them a rare find in circulation. This low mintage has caused many coin collectors to quickly snatch up any pieces they come across.

6. 2009 german penny

  • Value: 2€
  • Grade: UNC
  • Sold: $150.80

The 2009 German penny, composed of metal aluminum, has been in circulation for 13 years and is worth one cent euro. It is similar to other coins of wide circulation, and when purchasing this penny, it is recommended to obtain the highest grade available from the coin dealer.


The 2009 penny value collection is highly sought-after and rare, as the coins are no longer in circulation. Coin collectors are eager to explore these coins, which were all produced in renowned factories and come in varying conditions. As such, they are of great value and worth exploring. For more information on this topic, please visit our website.

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