Assessing the Value of 1940 Pennies: A Guide for Coin Collectors


Enthusiasts of rare coins are drawn to the 1940 penny due to its unique history and errors. This penny is highly sought after and is listed among the world’s rarest coin collections. To learn more about this remarkable coin, read on to discover its fascinating story.

1. 1940 d penny

  • Value: $0.17 – $5.70
  • Grade: MS60 – MS63
  • Sold: $370.99

Recognition of copper’s value is widespread; however, when assessing the value of a 1940 penny (D), coin buyers typically consider its quality and
aesthetic appeal rather than its composition, which is 95% copper

The attractiveness of a penny is determined by its brilliance, condition, mintage, year, and mint mark. For instance, a penny with a limited silver coinage is often worth significantly more than those with a higher mintage.


The 1940 penny (D) has historical value, and its worth is divided into several groups according to the graph. Coin collectors can identify the factory which produced the penny by considering the diversity of Dates and Mint Marks. The 1940 d penny is of greater value than other coins of ordinary grade, as evidenced by the process of culling out coins in a lower state of preservation.

In 1940, the Denver Mint produced 81,390,000 pennies for circulation. This figure does not include any mint specimens that may have been struck at
the Denver facility that year. The number of 1940-D pennies released into public circulation is the only figure that has been recorded.

2. 1940 s penny

  • Value: $0.20 – $5.70
  • Grade: MS-68
  • Sold: $15,000

The 1940 penny, produced by the San Francisco Factory and officially recognized as currency of the United States at the time with a face value of $0.01, can be valued between $1 and $100,000 depending on its grade and original struck form.

This piece was produced as a “Mint Strike,” intended for public circulation. With a mintage of 112,940,000, it is not particularly collectible. Furthermore, it contains no rare metals of significant quantity.

The San Francisco Factory produced approximately 113 million pieces of the 1940 penny, a greater mintage than prior years. As such, finding this coin in circulation and in mintmark grades is typically not difficult. However, when searching for the right coin, it is important to take into consideration its strike and appeal.

The 1940s penny, designed by Victor David Brenner, was created in response to President Theodore Roosevelt’s call for new currency designs of higher artistic value. This coin is available in bright red variants of the highest Mint Condition quality, and is priced affordably.


Victor David Brenner was selected to design the Lincoln cent due to his creation of a monument featuring a portrait of the 16th President of the United States. The obverse of the coin features a bust of Abraham Lincoln with the S mint mark located beneath the denomination. The reverse displays two wheat stalks.

The 1940 S Lincoln Cent is highly sought after by collectors, with its value fluctuating between $300 and $9,000 depending on the quality and coloration of the coin. This penny is available in a range of hues, from brown to caramel to crimson, making it an ideal addition to any Lincoln Cent family collection.

3. 1940 Canada penny

  • Value: $0.01 to $90.00
  • Grade: AG-3 – AU50

A number of the most sought-after and valuable 1940 Canadian pennies were produced in limited quantities, with some made from precious metals such
as gold or silver. These coins are exceptionally rare, as the majority of them were melted down for their intrinsic value. The obverse of the coin features the reigning Canadian monarch at the time of its release.


During the 1940s, the Canadian penny featured a portrait of the reigning monarch, George VI, on its obverse side. The reverse side was designed by G.E. Kruger-Gray in 1937 and depicted a maple leaf twig, intended to modernize Canadian coinage. In comparison to previously used coinage, the weight of the penny was relatively low, leading to a lack of recognition by the Canadian population.

4. 1940 british penny

  • Value: £0.60 – £25+
  • Grade: Based on European Grading System

The 1940 British penny was traditionally crafted from relatively soft materials, leading to a rapid deterioration of the coin’s character due to circulation, particularly in higher numbers. Records of the number of 1940 pennies produced are scarce, though estimates suggest no more than six or seven were minted.

The lack of specific documentation regarding the amount of this penny minted makes it difficult for coin collectors to locate them; however, given that the currency was struck to regular exchange standards, it is likely that they are in common usage.


The reverse of the 1940 British penny features Britannia seated facing right, wearing a helmet and holding a trident. Her other hand is placed on a banner displaying the united heraldry symbols of the United Kingdom’s nations. The words “ONE” and “PENNY” are inscribed in the squares.

The 1940 penny is a highly sought-after and unique coin due to its low mintage. Collecting these rare coins can be difficult, but the article provided here offers valuable insight into their value. For further exploration of this topic, please visit this website.

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