Assessing the Value of 1943 Pennies: A Guide for Coin Collectors


The 1943 penny is a highly sought-after item among collectors, due to its rarity and value. To acquire one of these coins, a collector must be willing to pay a premium price. This article will provide an overview of the features and grading of the 1943 penny, to help collectors make an informed decision when purchasing.

1. 1943 steel penny

  • Value: $0.06 – $2.60
  • Grade: MS68
  • Sold: $204,000

Most coin collectors consider the 1943 steel penny to be a remarkable treasure, despite its relative rarity. Contrary to popular belief, not all cents issued by the United States Mint are composed of copper; the 1943 steel penny is a notable exception. While not scarce, these coins are still highly sought after by collectors.

During World War II, the need for copper to produce shotgun shells and bombs led to the production of the 1943 metal penny. This penny was made from zinc-plated steel rather than copper, thus preserving the latter for wartime use. The factory officially manufactured these pennies in 1943.


The War effort necessitated the conservation of not only metal, but also foodstuffs such as sugar, pork, cooking oil, and bottled items. To this end, the authorities issued discount booklets to American citizens in order to regulate the use of these primary commodities. Consequently, the materials used to mint these coins are now scarce, and thus command a higher price.

2. 1943 d penny

  • Value: $0.13 – $3.50
  • Grade: MS68+
  • Sold: $14,249.99

A 1943 Denver Mint penny, valued at D, was struck by a former Mint employee. Legend has it that the individual manually inserted a copper planchet into the striking process and struck it multiple times to create the pattern, before keeping it. This penny features zinc shards on both the obverse and reverse, suggesting that the dies were initially used to strike regular 1943-D pennies.


For decades, the 1943 d penny had been privately owned until it was passed to the owner’s children upon their father’s passing in 1996. Subsequently, the coin was donated to Superior Galleries and auctioned off in 1979, where it was certified as “authentic” by ANACS. This penny was recently purchased for an impressive $14,249.99, making it the second most expensive Lincoln penny ever auctioned.

3. 1943 s penny

  • Value: $0.18 – $6.10
  • Grade: MS67
  • Sold: $250.00

In 1943, a number of highly sought-after error coins were minted. To facilitate the production of billions of pieces annually, the factory employed large containers to transport them throughout the plant. As the tote moved from station to station, an empty from the preceding batch would occasionally become lodged in a crevice.

Suspicion abounds among coin collectors that the 1942 metal planchets became lodged in a crevice of the container, leading to the production of the 1943 s penny. These so-called “super duper” pennies were minted in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco.


In 1943, the U.S. Bank issued Lincoln pennies made from zinc-coated metal in order to conserve copper for the war effort. These coins have become highly sought after by coin collectors, with many still available in MS67 condition and limited amounts in MS68. The 1943 penny value – S is particularly sought after due to its rarity.

A total of three factories manufactured more than one billion pennies: Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mint. Steel pennies from this era were highly sought after by both experienced currency traders and novices alike. Each year, historical market merchants distributed large quantities of three-coin steel cent packages to collectors.

4. 1943 Canadian penny

  • Value: $2.95
  • Grade: MS64
  • Sold: $10,000 to $50,000

In 1943, the Royal Canadian Mint produced approximately 89 million 1943 Canadian pennies. These coins range in value from approximately $10 in a lower grade to $22 in an MS63-65 grade. The price of a penny is determined by factors such as its metal composition, quantity, condition (circulated or uncirculated), mint mark, and rarity.


The 1943 Canadian penny was minted by Canadians as a form of political propaganda during World War II. The design features a Flaming Torch and the letter “V” for Victor, as well as a morse code inscription with the phrase “We win when we work voluntarily”. This penny was intended to serve as a reminder of the importance of working together to achieve victory. In order to acquire a coin of superior quality, it is essential to exercise caution when dealing with a coin dealer.

5. 1943 Australian penny coin

  • Value: $0.75 – $111
  • Grade: Top grade is more popular than raw ungraded pennies
  • Sold: $200,000

The Australian Dime, a miniature version of the Australian Currency, is derived from the British penny. Both coins share the same dimensions. In 1943, the Australian penny was equivalent to 1/240 of the Australian £.


The Calcutta Factory in India produced a total of 9,000,000 mintmarks, which were reported to be readily available in lower to middle grades and featured the Large Denticle Obverse. After 23 years in circulation, the 1943 Australian penny coin was withdrawn upon decimalization.

6. 1943 British penny

  • Value: £0.05 to £6
  • Grade: Based on European Grading System
  • Sold: 1943 British penny

The 1943 British penny is widely regarded as the only uncommon British coin, featuring the phrase “Golden Hind” on its reverse. The coin depicts Edward VIII, who was intended to replace the Britannia image, with a boat printed to symbolize Sir Francis Drake’s flagship.


The 1963 penny collection is highly sought after due to its unique background and higher grade. These coins were all produced in well-known factories under varying conditions, making them highly collectible. For more information on this topic, please visit our website.

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