Determining the Value of a 1966 Penny


Determining the exact value of a 1966 penny is a complex process, requiring rigorous evaluation by experienced experts. This article will provide an overview of the characteristics and values of some 1966 pennies.

1. 1966 d penny

  • Value: 1$ – 12$
  • Grade: MS67RD
  • Sold: 6463$

The 1966 Lincoln penny, issued by the Philadelphia mint, is the only coin of its kind in the United States. Unlike San Francisco and Denver pennies, this coin does not feature a mint mark. The Philadelphia workshop issued more than two million of these coins in 1966, and due to the lack of competing coins, the 1966 penny value was undervalued.


The 1966 Lincoln penny is highly valued, with some specimens in good condition and out of circulation commanding prices of up to $6,000 at auction. Coin dealers typically assign a value of between $1 and 12% to the 1966 penny, depending on its surface, wear and need for use.

2. 1966 Canadian penny

  • Value: 0.02$ – 435$
  • Grade: MS67
  • Sold: 434$

The 1966 Canadian penny, issued by the Royal Canadian Mint during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, can be identified by the year of issue engraved on the surface of the coin and the image of Queen Elizabeth on the front. The reverse of the coin features the iconic maple leaf symbol, a source of pride for Canadians.


The value of 1966 Canadian pennies is determined by a variety of factors, including wear, age, and market supply and demand. In circulation, these coins typically have a peak value of less than A$1; however, in their non-circulated state, they can be worth more than $600 Australian. Expert assessment is necessary to accurately determine the value of these coins.

3. 1966 Australian penny coin

  • Value: 0.01$ – 100$
  • Grade: MS65
  • Sold: 33$

The 1966 Australian penny coin 1 cent was issued by three mints: the Royal Australian Mint, the Melbourne Mint and the Perth Mint. The value of these coins varies depending on the denomination. Those knowledgeable about coins can distinguish them by the images engraved on the surface, even though there is no mint mark on the face.


The obverse of the 1966 Australian penny coin features an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse depicts the Feather-tailed Glider. The length of the glider’s feathers can be used to identify the origin of the coin. Additionally, the 1966 pennies value can also be determined.

The 1966 Australian penny coins have been issued in excess of 400 million, yet experts will still rely on the characteristics of the coins to determine their value. As such, only a select few of these coins are sold at a premium price.

4. 1966 British penny

  • Value: 0.4$ – 40$
  • Grade: MS64
  • Sold: 41$

The Royal Mint issued the 1966 British penny during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. Distinguishable from its predecessors only by the date of issue engraved on its face, the coin features the same bust of the Queen on its obverse and Britannia on its reverse.


The British Royal Mint issued over 150 million 1966 pennies, the value of which is determined by a variety of factors including wear, market demand, and age of circulation. Experts estimate that the 1966 British penny has a value of no more than $40. These coins were circulated for five years before the British Royal Mint issued new coins to replace them in 1971.

5. 1966 german penny

The 1966 German penny was issued by four mints: Munich, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, and Hamburg. The obverse of the coin features an image of oak leaves, while the reverse displays its denomination. Coins from the four mints will feature distinct mint marks, namely “D”, “F”, “G”, and “J”, which are engraved on the reverse of the 1966 British penny. This allows for easy identification of the coins from each mint.


More than 800 million 1966 German penny coins were issued by all four mints, making it difficult to determine an exact value. Expert pricing is based on a variety of factors, including surface wear, user demand, and time of circulation. Notably, the 1966 penny value in circulation and out of circulation differs significantly.

Compiling information related to the 1966 pennies value can be difficult due to various sources of information. However, this article provides an overview of the value of these coins, allowing readers to gain a better understanding of their worth.

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