Discover the Top 5 Most Valuable 1950 Pennies for Coin Collecting


The 1950 penny is a highly sought-after and valuable coin due to its rarity and community involvement. Factors such as supply and demand, scarcity, and errors can all affect the price of these coins. To gain a better understanding of this 1950 collection, this article will provide information on its history, background, and grade.

1. 1950 d penny

  • Value: $0.67 – $2.28
  • Grade: MS67
  • Sold: $15,275.00

In 1950, the Philadelphia Mint struck 272,686,386 pennies, with little focus on local currencies. These coins are rated according to their rarity on a scale, and specimens in an Extremely Fine state are particularly sought after and command higher prices.

The 1950 d penny, featuring a prominent portrait of Abraham Lincoln with the words “LIBERTY” and “IN GOD WE TRUST” on either side of the image, was in circulation for most of the decade. The denomination and mintmark are situated on the right edge of the coin, while the phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST” is inscribed around the upper edge of the portrait. Lincoln’s hair and ear are both clearly visible in the image.


The 1950 D penny is highly sought after by coin collectors due to its unique value. With a mintage of 334,950,000, it ranks 9th among all coins. Currently, there is a wide selection of 1950 D pennies available on the market, with each one being carefully examined for its condition and circulation quality.

The 1950 d penny is a widely-held denomination in the collection, with thousands available with the right effort, though MS66 specimens are difficult to come by. MS67s are significantly scarcer, and anything of higher quality is exceptionally rare.

2. 1950 s penny

  • Value: $0.96 – $2.28
  • Grade: MS68RD
  • Sold: $10,800.00

The San Francisco Mint struck a 1950 Lincoln cent for circulation in 1950, with a mintage of 118,505,000. This coin has a face value of one cent and contains no appreciable quantities of rare metals. As such, it is not particularly collectible.

The 1950 S Lincoln Cent, designed by Victor David Brenner, is a highly sought-after coin for collectors of Lincoln Cent-class currencies. Featuring a portrait of Abraham Lincoln on the obverse, the coin also displays the year and the S mint mark.


The Wheat Penny is renowned for its wide range of colors, from brown to caramel-colored and even finished red variants. The value of the coin can vary greatly depending on its quality and coloration, ranging from a few cents to a staggering one hundred million dollars.

Having a good understanding of current exchange rates and a coin’s popularity are essential for determining its value. To ensure a sharp strike and attractive finish, it is important to inspect and select coins carefully. Additionally, examining the reverse side of a penny can provide insight
into the coin’s quality, as the grains should be distinct from one another.

3. 1950 Canadian penny

  • Value: $1.95 – $11.50
  • Grade: MS63
  • Sold: $358.93

During King George VI’s reign, two of the lowest mintages of the pre-decimal penny currency were produced in 1950 and 1951. The factory only produced 240,000 pieces in 1950, and these coins can now be purchased at auction for approximately $358.93.


It has been suggested that Bermuda received all of the 1950 Canadian pennies following World War II, however this is not accurate. In fact, these coins were also transported to the West Indies and the Bahamas due to a severe lack of small change in circulation after the War, and were thus put

4. 1950 Australian penny coin

  • Value: $0.45 – $259
  • Grade: MS54
  • Sold: $60,000

The 1950 Australian penny, a miniature version of the Australian Pound, was identical in size and composition to the British pre-decimal cent. Representing 1/240 of an Australian penny, it featured lettering on its reverse side. After 16 years in circulation, these coins were withdrawn from use upon decimalization.


5. 1950 British penny

  • Value: £2 – £45
  • Grade: Based on European Grading System
  • Sold: £2 – £45+


The 1950 British penny is a rare and unique coin, featuring Britannia seated and facing right, holding a trident and wearing a helmet. To the left of her is a lighthouse, with the words “ONE” and “PENNY” written at the bottom. This coin is distinguished by these features, making it a collector’s item.

6. 1950 german penny

In 1950, the factory produced a large number of German pennies, the reverse of which featured a small oak sapling with five branches. The oak tree has long been associated with Germany, and the young sapling symbolizes the potential for post-war regeneration in the country.

In 1999, the Euro replaced the Deutsche Mark, but the latter remained in use until the introduction of the Euro into circulation on January 1, 2002. This led to the immediate withdrawal of the Deutsche Mark as a valid currency. In Germany, coins from 1950 were no longer accepted as legal tender, having been out of circulation for 52 years.


The 1950 penny is a highly sought-after and scarce coin due to its low mintage. It also serves as a representation of the national features of each country. For further information on this topic, please visit our website.

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