Estimating the Value of a 1984 Penny

You can find the majority of $0.01 in the 1984 s penny

Coin collectors rank the 1984 penny as one of the most valuable collections due to its origin from various countries with a rich history. Some of these coins even serve as symbols of their respective nations. This article will provide an overview of the features and value of the 1984 penny.

1. 1984 d penny

  • Value: $0.01
  • Grade: MS68
  • Sold: $150.00

The 1984 d penny is a highly sought-after variant, with only a few thousand examples known to exist. This rarity has caused the coin to fetch prices significantly higher than those of conventional and non-error cents, making it an attractive option for collectors.

Examining the obverse of the coin, one can observe a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, bordered by the phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST”. To the right is the date of manufacture, with the word LIBERTY to the left.

The reverse of the 1984 penny (D) features the Lincoln Memorial at its center, with the words “ONE CENT” and “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” inscribed in the middle.

The 1984 d penny is a significant variant

Coin collectors are delighted to acquire this 1984 D penny, which is free from any flaws or defects and boasts an attractive appearance. This particular penny was sourced from a new set or genuine BU rolling, making it an ideal addition to any collection of these coins.

2. 1984 s penny

  • Value: $0.30
  • Grade: MS65
  • Sold: $1,380.00

The 1984 s penny is renowned for its vivid highlight contrast, making it a popular choice among coin traders. Despite its commonality, this piece can be acquired at a relatively low cost.

This penny is distinguished by the features on its face. The front side displays a factory symbol – S (San Francisco) – along with the Date of Mint and the inscription IN GOD WE TRUST; LIBERTY.

You can find the majority of $0.01 in the 1984 s penny

The 1984 s penny is widely available in circulation, with the majority of specimens being worth $0.01. To acquire one of these coins, it is advisable to search for coins of a high grade and, if possible, those that have been certified.

Coin specialists may be able to provide an exact price for a double strike Varian or Mint mistake based on its value, and thus should be sought out for bids. Knowledge of rare coins is essential for these dealers in order to accurately assess the worth of such coins.

3. 1984 Canadian penny

  • Value: $0.03 CAD
  • Grade: MS66
  • Sold: $0.49 – $8.59

The 1984 Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin is renowned for its beauty and purity, garnering the attention of investors and collectors worldwide. This exquisite gold coin is one of the most sought-after in the world. With a weight of 1 oz, it is a highly desirable item for any collection.

The 1984 canadian penny is a gold maple leaf coin

Every Canadian currency features the reigning monarch on its obverse. Currently, these coins remain popular gold bullion due to their distinctive design, aesthetic appeal, and superior stability. The Queen of England is depicted on the most recent obverse.

4. 1984 A Penny coin

  • Value: $0.31
  • Grade: MS69
  • Sold: $30.00

The 1984 Australian penny coin is a highly sought-after collector’s item, boasting mint condition and a unique link to the country’s numismatic culture. As this currency is no longer produced in Australia, this is a rare opportunity to own a piece of Australian history.

The Australian one-cent coin, established by the Monetary Act of 1965, was the lowest denomination of the Australian currency. It did not replace a pre-decimal piece, and featured a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II facing right on its obverse.

The 1984 australian penny coin is in mint condition

The two-cent and penny coins were taken out of circulation in February 1992, yet remained in public hands for a further eight years. After this period, they were no longer accepted as payment.

5. 1984 British penny

  • Value: £3.95
  • Grade: PR68
  • Sold: $92.97

The United Kingdom demonetized the quarter penny in 1984, leaving the one cent as the smallest circulating currency. On February 15, 1971, the UK introduced a new numerical currency system, with the one cent being one of three coins put into circulation.

The 1984 British penny featured the phrase “NEW” on its reverse side, helping to distinguish it from the old currency. Subsequently, the factory removed this feature. The obverse side of the coin bore a youthful and draped portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

The 1984 british penny had been in circulation for 38 years

In 1992, the government replaced bronze with copper-plated steel in newly minted coins, and a new design was introduced in 2008. Despite this, the older coins remain in circulation, with the 1984 British penny having been in circulation for 38 years.

6. 1984 German penny

  • Value: $0.13
  • Grade:
  • Sold: $57,750

The Deutsche Mark, commonly known as the German mark, was the national currency of West Germany from 1948 to 1990. The lowest denomination of the mark was the 1 Pfennig coin.

People know Deutsche Mark as the German mark

In 1999, the Euro replaced the 1984 German penny. This penny, however, remained in circulation until the introduction of paper currency on January 1, 2002, when it was officially declared no longer legal tender.

The 1984 penny is a distinctive coin due to its special history, and is no longer in circulation. For further information on this topic, please visit this website.

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