Uncover the Value of a 1973 Penny: What is it Worth?


Are you looking to evaluate the 1973 penny value? Knowing the worth of coins with varying conditions is essential for any savvy coin trader. This article provides comprehensive information on the value of 1973 pennies, allowing you to make informed decisions when trading.

1. 1973 d penny

  • Value: $0.33
  • Grade: Uncirculated (MS-65)
  • Sold: $0.33

Frank Gasparro designed coins, including the 1973 D penny, which was minted at the Denver mint (D). This coin design has become highly sought after by ancient coin collectors, and coins that retain their original beauty can fetch a higher price when sold. To ensure the 1973 D penny retains its value, it is important to take good care of it.


The composition of the 1973 penny was carefully studied by experts to ensure its integrity, consisting of 95% copper, 5% tin, and zinc. Despite attempts by dishonest coin retailers to counterfeit the 1973 penny, it is extremely difficult to replicate the exact composition of the original coin.

2. 1973 s penny

  • Value: $2.25
  • Grade: Uncirculated
  • Sold: $10.00

The 1973 penny from San Francisco is a highly sought-after collectible due to its rarity. It features an “S” symbol engraved on its surface and weighs a mere 3.11 grams. If you believe you have a valuable example of this coin, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional to authenticate it.


Authentic coins are composed of 95% copper and 5% tin/zinc, and can be verified by experts at reputable auction centers. If the coin is deemed genuine, it can be sold for a considerable sum; however, counterfeit coins are only worth a few cents.

3. 1973 Canadian penny

  • Value: $1.00
  • Grade: Circulated
  • Sold: $1.00

The 1973 Canadian penny features a Canadian maple leaf at its centre, a symbol of national pride that is also found on the country’s flag. Ancient pennies remain valuable due to their unique design, and 1973 coins can vary in price depending on their condition. A well-preserved coin is worth more than one that has corroded, so it is important to store the coin in a bottle to protect it from environmental damage.


Antique hobbyists are on the hunt for this coin, which is highly sought-after due to its rarity. Such coins are highly valuable, as their uniqueness makes them a prized possession. Penny traders may seek to exploit this situation for their own gain, potentially leading to buyers being duped into purchasing counterfeit coins of little value. To avoid such a scenario, it is essential to conduct thorough research prior to any purchase or sale.

4. 1973 Australian penny coin

  • Value: $52.00
  • Grade: Uncirculated
  • Sold: $1.00

The Royal Australian Mint has crafted a coin featuring Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait from 1973, lending it an exquisite and sophisticated design. The value of a coin is determined by its material, condition and demand; the more sought-after it is by collectors, the higher its price. Ultimately, a coin’s beauty is irrelevant if there is no demand for it.


Those with extensive experience in the acquisition and sale of antique coins are well-versed in the methods of verifying their authenticity. The luster and wear of the coin can be used to determine its value, while knowledge of the chronology of each period of ancient coin issuance allows for a quick appraisal of the 1973 coin in hand.

5. 1973 British penny

  • Value: $9.88
  • Grade: Circulated
  • Sold: $1.00

Since 1973, the majority of coins in circulation have been lost, making the remaining coins rare and highly sought after by coin collectors. Those willing to pay large sums of money can attend prestigious auctions to bid on the 1973 British penny. Valuable coins will be auctioned off, and those who offer a large enough amount can take them home.


6. 1973 german penny

  • Value: $254.15
  • Grade: Ungraded
  • Sold: $254.15

Coins from Germany are highly sought after by collectors due to the symbolic engravings they feature. The value of a coin is determined by its condition, with those in circulation typically being more valuable than those that are not. Collectors often seek to preserve coins that have been used by generations before them, making them a unique and valuable part of history.


Researching 1973 pennies is essential for making informed buying and selling decisions. Prices of these coins may fluctuate according to the market, so it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest information. To gain a better understanding of the value of these coins, further research is recommended.

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