Uncovering the 1987 Penny Value: How Much is it Worth?


Many hobbyists are interested in the value of the 1987 penny. Estimating the worth of a coin is not a simple task, as it requires knowledge of the age and history of the piece. To gain a better understanding of the value of coins from different countries, it is important to explore their history and background.

1. 1987 d penny

  • Value: $0.33 or more
  • Grade: MS65
  • Sold: $0.30

The 1987 Lincoln penny, like other coins of the decade minted after the U.S. Mint’s transition to copper-plated zinc in 1982, is of a similar composition. Generally, the 1987 penny is of good quality, weighing 2.5 grams; however, older specimens may be heavier.

The 1987 D Lincoln Memorial penny is available in all grades, from heavily circulated to uncirculated. While most coins in circulation are damaged, some people may have a coin that is still in good condition. These coins are highly detailed and interesting, and most of the $0.01 denomination can be found in circulated condition.

The 1987 D penny is typically valued at $0.01, however, coins in certified mint condition can be worth up to $2. Most 1987 coins are not worth much, but those in non-circulating condition can fetch a higher price. For coins in uncirculated condition with an MS 65 grade, the 1987 D penny may be worth around $0.30.


For those looking to collect 1987 pennies, the task is relatively straightforward. Seek out premium coins and, when possible, opt for verified coins. Local coin dealers are a great source for both purchasing and collecting these coins, and experts can provide invaluable advice.

2. 1987 s penny

  • Value: $5
  • Grade: PR 65
  • Sold: 2,00 US$

The 1987-S penny was minted at the San Francisco Mint and is composed of 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. It has a diameter of 19 mm and a weight of 2.5 grams. The obverse features the same bust of Abraham Lincoln as designed by Victor David Brenner for the 1909 Lincoln Wheat Coin.


The 1987 S Lincoln Penny is an ideal addition to any collection, boasting a pristine, original red finish. The reverse of the coin features the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., designed by Frank Gasparro, whose initials “FG” appear to the right of the building in tribute.

3. 1987 Canadian penny

  • Value: $0.03 CAD.
  • Grade: MS-65
  • Sold: 0,99 US$

The value of the 1987 Canadian penny is estimated to be $0.03 CAD, based on factors such as quality of demand, supply, and rarity. In Canada, coins remain legal tender and many banks accept them as payment in cash.

Recognizing the 1987 Canadian penny is not a difficult task, as it features a number of remarkable details. Most notably, the obverse of the coin features a maple leaf – the symbol of Canada – engraved at its center. The Canadian one-cent coin of 1987 features the word “1 CENT” at the top, with the country’s name “CANADA” carved at the bottom, and the year “1987” printed between the leaf and “CANADA”.


In 1957, the image of Queen Elizabeth II was first featured on a Canadian coin without a crown. However, in 1987, the Canadian penny was released with the Queen wearing a tiara, facing left and surrounded by the text “ELIZABETH II D . G . REGINA”.

4. 1987 Australian penny coin

  • Value: $13.2 – $45
  • Grade: MS-67
  • Sold: $45.00

In February 1992, the 1987 Australian penny coin, which had been in circulation for five years alongside two-cent coins, was withdrawn from circulation without being canceled. These coins remain legal tender.

The Royal Australian Mint has produced 127,000,000 coins featuring a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II wearing her crown and royal tiara, as seen on her way to and from the Opening of Parliament, facing right. No mint mark is present.

RDM is inscribed on the nape of the coin in tribute to Raphael David Maklouf, the designer of the piece. The legend and date, “ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 1987,” are featured around the engraving.


Stuart Devlin’s feather glider is located to the left of the center of the currency, with “SD” inscribed in small letters at the end of its tail. This symbolizes the designer’s name, Stuart Devlin.

5. 1987 British penny

  • Grade: MS-66
  • Sold: £12.99

In 1992, copper-plated steel replaced bronze as the material used to produce pennies. In 2008, a new model was introduced, yet the original coins remain in circulation and have been doing so for 35 years, with those produced in 1987 still in circulation today.

The reverse of the 1987 British penny features a latticework within a beaded circle, modeled after the coat of Arms of King Henry VII, which is now the coat of Arms of the Palace of Westminster. The inscription “ONE PENNY” is carved at the top, with the number “1” printed below.


6. 1987 German penny

The 1987 German penny is a unique coin, featuring the iconic oak tree as a symbol of Germany. On the obverse is a small acorn with five leaves, representing the hope of rebuilding Germany during the war. The words “BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND” are inscribed, translating to “Germany”.

The 1987 mint mark of the coinage is denoted by a small letter printed in the top center of the coin, with the face value of “PFENNIG” placed around below and the big number “1” between the ears of the rye.

D: Bavarian Central mint.

F: Stuttgart mint.

G: Karlsruhe mint.

J: Hamburg mint.


Exploring the 1987 penny value is a complex process, as the price of a coin is determined by a variety of factors. These include the grade and type of penny, its rarity, and its availability in the penny market. By understanding these elements, one can gain insight into the exact value of these pennies. This article provides an overview of the 1987 penny value and how to determine it.

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