Uncovering the Value of a 1958 Penny


Are you aware of the 1958 penny value when trading in the market? Coins of varying integrity and rarity will have different values. This article provides comprehensive information on the prices of the six most sought-after 1958 coins, enabling you to acquire more valuable knowledge.

1. 1958 d penny

  • Value: $0.05 to $1.13
  • Grade: Nearly Superb Gem Brilliant Uncirculated
  • Sold: $6.99

The “D” inscribed on the 1958 penny denotes the mint of origin, with 800,953,000 coins produced that year. Due to the high number of coins lost, those that remain are highly sought after and valued based on their condition. An original 1958 penny can be worth a considerable amount.


Coin collectors with experience will be familiar with the classifications of high-value coins. Coins that are in pristine condition, without any scratches or wear, will command a high price. Conversely, coins that have been fraudulently re-polished by retailers to make them appear newer will not be valued as highly. For those new to coin trading, it is advisable to seek the advice of experts to ensure they are not scammed.

2. 1958 s penny

  • Value: $6.00
  • Grade: Extremely Fine
  • Sold: $6.00

In 1958, the U.S. Mint ceased production of wheat coins, making them highly sought-after by coin collectors. Before purchasing a 1958 wheat penny,
it is essential to ensure its authenticity and originality, as these factors will determine its value. Any alterations or substitutions of the coin will significantly reduce its worth.


The 1958 Lincoln Cent is typically valued at a few dollars, however, error coins are worth significantly more due to their uniqueness. As these coins cannot be replicated, antique collectors take great pride in owning a one-of-a-kind item.

3. 1958 Canadian penny

The 1958 Canadian penny is renowned for its distinctive leaf engraving, which can be found on either the center or outer edge of the coin. As these coins age, their value increases, making them more desirable than newly minted coins. Professional coin retailers are able to accurately assess the worth of these pennies. To ensure an accurate valuation, it is recommended to take the coin to a reputable auction house.


4. 1958 Australian penny coin

  • Value: $1.00 to $30.00
  • Grade: Uncirculated
  • Sold: $0.90

The 1958 Australian coin features a left-facing kangaroo, a long-standing symbol of the nation’s culture. Engraved on the bottom of the kangaroo’s tail is the year of issue, 1958. On the reverse side of the penny is a right-facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.


The price of a coin is determined by a variety of factors. Circulated coins typically have a significantly lower value than uncirculated coins, while the demand from antique coin collectors can also influence the price. Despite its aesthetic appeal, a penny’s worth is largely determined by its popularity and condition. Factors such as the coin’s current state can significantly influence its final value when auctioned.

5. 1958 British penny

  • Value: $9.09
  • Grade: Circulated
  • Sold: $9.09

The US-UK coin is a remarkable piece, featuring a unique ship shape engraved on the front. Unlike other coins, this one does not bear a mint mark. Nevertheless, its delicate design is sure to amaze when held in the hand. The market price of the penny can vary, so it is advisable to wait for the most opportune moment to sell it in order to maximize profits.


Owning these coins can evoke a sense of nostalgia, as antique collectors often appreciate the feeling of recreating a piece of history. The value of a coin is not typically determined by its face value, but rather by its age; the older the coin, the more valuable it is.

6. 1958 german penny

  • Value: $14.25
  • Grade: Circulated
  • Sold: $14.25

The 1958 penny is a highly sought-after coin among collectors, due to its silver composition. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous coin dealers have attempted to pass off regular pennies as the real thing. If you possess one of these coins, you may be wondering about its value. People have become more prudent when it comes to investing in coins, particularly the 1958 German penny. It is recommended that one consults with an expert prior to making any purchase in order to ensure the best possible outcome.


Careful research is essential when buying or selling an antique coin to avoid being scammed by unscrupulous coin retailers. For those new to the coin-collecting world, seeking out an expert for advice is recommended. The above article provides insight into the 1958 penny value, and further knowledge can be gained by reading the next article.

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