What is the Value of a 1944 Penny?


Determining the exact 1944 penny value can be challenging, as it is contingent upon a variety of factors. To accurately assess the worth of these coins, it is best to consult an experienced expert. This article provides a general overview of the value of some 1944 pennies.

1. 1944 d penny

  • Value: 55$ – 3000$
  • Grade: MS63
  • Sold: 676$

The 1944-D Lincoln penny, issued by the Denver mint, is a part of the American Lincoln penny collection. To distinguish it from other 1944 pennies, the symbol “D” is used as the first letter of Denver.

The 1944 D penny features a portrait of the late President Lincoln on its obverse, with the reverse displaying the face value of the coin. This design  isunremarkable compared to previous coins. The 1944 penny is valued differently due to its unique mint mark. Upon closer inspection, one can observe that the “D” below the year is slightly different. In fact, the “D” is engraved over the letter “S”.


The 1944 penny value can range from $55 to $3000, depending on the condition of the coin. As coins with errors become increasingly rare, the value
of 1944 coins is expected to rise. In pristine condition, with no signs of damage, these coins can be worth up to $3000.

2. 1944 s penny

  • Value: 0.1$ – 475.000$
  • Grade: MS66
  • Sold: 408.000$

The 1944 S Lincoln penny, issued by the San Francisco mint with a total mintage of 282,760,000 coins, belongs to the same collection as the 1944 D Lincoln coins. Although not particularly rare on the market, experts suggest that this coin is still worth seeking out.


Experts classify 1944 coins into categories such as good, fine, extremely fine, and uncirculated based on their condition. The value of these coins varies significantly; while some coin dealers may value them at around 0.1$, others may list them for several hundred thousand dollars at auction.

3. 1944 Canadian penny

  • Value: 0.03$ – 4000$
  • Grade: MS65
  • Sold:1720$

The 1944 Canadian penny, issued by the Royal Canadian Mint during the reign of King George VI, features a design distinct from that of coins issued during the reign of his predecessor, King George V. Both sides of the coin have been altered.

The obverse of the coin still features the effigy of King George, sans crown, while the reverse has been replaced with an image of a maple leaf, the national symbol of Canada, in lieu of the denomination.


In 1944, the Royal Mint issued over 44 million of these coins, making them not particularly rare in the eyes of experts and coin collectors. However, the value of these 1944 pennies can vary depending on their characteristics and surface defects, with values being classified into groups such as good, fine, excellent, and uncirculated, or further divided into smaller groups. The lowest value of a 1944 penny is approximately 0.03$. However, Specimen coins can be worth up to $4,000.

4. 1944 Australian penny coin

  • Value: 1$ – 8000$
  • Grade: MS65
  • Sold: 1100$

The 1944 Australian penny, issued by HM George VI, features a bare-headed George VI on one side and a kangaroo – a unique symbol of Australia – on
the other. However, the coin’s true uniqueness lies elsewhere.


The 1944 Australian penny coin features the initials HP and KG, which stand for the names of the designers. This is an uncommon feature on coins of this era, with the federal star also engraved on the surface of the coin adjacent to the kangaroo.

The HM George VI 1944 Australian penny coin is an exceptionally rare item, highly sought after by coin collectors. This has resulted in the 1944 penny values reaching a remarkable level, with more than two million coins issued.

The value of 1944 coins is divided into various categories based on their condition, wear, and age. In very good condition, they are worth AU$ 1.5. However, at an auction, these 1944 pennies have been known to fetch up to AU$ 12,000, which is equivalent to approximately US$ 8,000.

5. 1944 British penny

  • Value: 0.3 – 40$
  • Grade: MS63
  • Sold: 23$

In 1944, the British Royal Mint issued a penny during the reign of King George VI. This coin was largely similar to those issued during the reign of King George V, with the only difference being the image of King George VI wearing a crown replacing that of his predecessor. The reverse of the coin remained unchanged, depicting Britannia with a helmet and trident.



The Royal British Mint has issued a total of 42 million 1944 British pennies, making them relatively common. Nevertheless, certain specimens with defects or unique surface features remain highly sought after by numismatists.

The value of 1944 British pennies varies significantly, with prices ranging from approximately 0.3$ to 40$ depending on factors such as wear, age, and market demand. Expert appraisers will take these criteria into account when determining the value of these coins.

The 1944 penny collection offers a variety of values, depending on the condition of the coins. Factors such as wear and tear, minting errors, and other factors can affect the value of these coins. This article provides an overview of the 1944 penny values to help coin collectors gain a better understanding of their collections.

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