Exploring the Top 16 Most Valuable Dimes: A Look at Their History and Features


The diminutive size of the most valuable dimes belies their immense worth; some ancient coins are worth millions of dollars, making them highly sought-after due to their long history and unique characteristics. To learn more about the world’s most valuable coins, read on.

1. 1797 Draped Bust Dime – 16 Stars

  • Value: 199,750 USD.
  • Grade: PCGS MS-66.
  • Sold: May 2015; Stack’s/Bowers, The D. Brent Pogue Collection, Part I, Sotheby’s, New York.


Research indicates that the coin was minted by the United States Mint in 1796. Upon its release in early 1797, the coin featured 13 stars, representing the number of states in the union at the time. However, this particular coin has 16 stars, suggesting it was produced in the latter half of 1797.

Gilbert Stuart is widely believed to be the designer of this coin. A renowned American painter, Stuart produced over 1,000 portraits of political and social figures during his career. His work has been featured on numerous American postage stamps and coins, including this valuable dime engraved by Robert Scot.

In 1797, the United States Mint produced 25,261 coins, with 3,864 of them bearing the date of 1796. These coins were delivered to the warehouse on 2/1797 and remain in pristine condition, making them worth up to $200,000. This is due to the Mint’s practice of using old dies to mint coins in subsequent years, only exchanging them when they become worn or broken.

2. 1798 Draped Bust Dime – Small 8

  • Value: 253,000 USD.
  • Grade: NGC MS-66.
  • Sold: July 2008; Heritage Auctions, ANA U.S. Coin Signature Auction, Baltimore, MD.


In 1798, Robert Scot redesigned the U.S. dime, introducing a medallion eagle on the reverse in place of the original skinny eagle. This marked a significant turning point for the mint industry in the United States.

The early production of coins at the United States Mint was a manual process, with dies being hand-engraved with the date. One such coin, in near-perfect condition, is valued at over 250,000 USD due to its smaller size 8 compared to other coins produced that year.

3. 1871-CC Liberty Seated Dime

  • Value: 270,250 USD.
  • Grade: NGC MS-65.
  • Sold: October 2014; Heritage Auctions, The Eugene H. Gardner Collection II of U.S. Coins, New York, NY.


The Liberty Seated dime series, designed by Christian Gobrecht, was produced by the United States Mint from 1837 to 1891. This series underwent several modifications, resulting in four distinct versions. The tenth lowest business strike production in the series, the Liberty Seated dime is one
of the most valuable coins of its era.

4. 1873-CC Liberty Seated Dime – Arrows at Date

  • Value: 282,000 USD.
  • Grade: PCGS MS-65.
  • Sold: August 2012; Stack’s/Bowers, The ANA World’s Fair of Money Auction, Philadelphia, PA.


The Carson City Mint (CC) issued coins in mid-1853, when the price of silver had risen significantly. As a result, the U.S. Mint produced coins with a reduced weight of 2.49 grams, compared to the 2.67-gram coins of earlier years. This coin, of superior quality, is highly valued due to its weight reduction indicated by arrows on either side of the date.

5. 1841 Proof Liberty Seated Dime – No Drapery

  • Value: 305,500 USD.
  • Grade: NGC PR-67+.
  • Sold: November 2013; Heritage Auctions, Eric P. Newman Collection Part II Signature Auction, New York, NY.


For 55 years, the Liberty Seated coin has been in production, an impressive lifespan for a coin. Christian Gobrecht, the principal engraver of the United States Mint from 1840 until his death in 1844, designed the first coin in 1837. Over the years, the Mint has made numerous small changes to the design.

Christian Gobrecht modified the 1840 coin in several ways from the original design. Notably, an extra crease extending from the left elbow of the Statue of Liberty was added. However, in 1841, the Philadelphia mint produced a limited number of coins without this crease; experts estimate only 2 to 3 were made.

6. 1803 Draped Bust Dime

  • Value: 322,000 USD.
  • Grade: NGC MS-64.
  • Sold: July 2008; Heritage Auctions, ANA U.S. Coin Signature Auction, Baltimore, MD.


he 1803 Bust Dime is one of the oldest coins in the United States to retain its monetary value. Noted for its remarkable condition, despite being over two centuries old, this coin has been preserved for posterity. At the time of its minting, coin collecting and storage was not a widespread practice, with many people more focused on earning money than preserving history. Fortunately, this coin has been safeguarded for future generations

7. 1938-S Mercury Dime

  • Value: 364,500 USD.
  • Grade: PCGS MS-68+.
  • Sold: June 2019; Legend Rare Coin Auctions; The Regency Auction 33.


The 1938-S Mercury Dime, produced by the United States Mint in San Francisco to the tune of 8,090,000, is currently available in well-circulated versions for two or three dollars. Despite its relatively low cost, this dime has earned a place on the list of dimes worth money due to its design, rather than any irregularities.

This 1938-S Mercury Dime, classified as MS-68+ by a professional coin grading service, was auctioned for 364,500 USD by a wealthy coin collector. Its pristine condition is due to the fact that it is not marketed like other coins of its kind.

8. 1975 No S Proof Roosevelt Dime

  • Value: 456,000 USD.
  • Grade: PCGS PR-68.
  • Sold: 2019 September; Heritage Auctions, Long Beach Expo U.S. Coins Signature Auction, Long Beach, CA.


The 1975 No S Proof Roosevelt Dime is one of the more recently minted coins of value. This Proof was exclusively produced by the San Francisco foundry, and is identifiable by the “S” symbol on its face. The absence of an “S” mint mark on two coins is the reason why they have become some of the most valuable dimes.

No definitive cause has been identified for the creation of these two coins. Experts hypothesize that they were produced from a Proof mold without a mint mark, which the United States Mint typically destroyed due to worker error in its fabrication. Nevertheless, two of these coins managed to evade destruction, likely due to loopholes in the system.

A lucky collector in California made a shocking discovery when they found two unique 1975 Proof coins among the coins they had ordered. This news quickly spread throughout the coin-collecting community, prompting many to actively search for similar coins, yet all attempts were unsuccessful. To this day, the two coins remain the only known versions of their kind.

9. 1800 Draped Bust Dime

  • Value: 352,500 USD.
  • Grade: PCGS MS-66.
  • Sold: June 2014; Heritage Auctions, The Eugene H. Gardner Collection of U.S. Coins, New York, NY.


Boasting a remarkable level of preservation, the 1800 Draped Bust coin is one of the oldest coins to retain its original beauty. Reports indicate that 21,760 coins were produced in 1800, yet only a fraction of these remain collectible today, with fewer than 100 surviving. This makes the 1800 Draped Bust coin highly sought-after, with an estimated value of 352,500 USD. It is a prime example of the existing 1800 Draped Bust coins.

10. 1797 Draped Bust Dime – 13 Stars

  • Value: 402,500 USD.
  • Grade: NGC MS-65.
  • Sold: July 2008; Heritage Auctions, ANA U.S. Coin Signature Auction, Baltimore, MD.


Robert Scot, Chief Engraver of the United States Mint, designed the coin in 1797. His lifetime works are renowned, and the original design of the coin featured 13 stars, symbolizing the original 13 states of the United States. Subsequently, a second version was released with 16 stars around the portrait.

The Mint created 25,261 coins, the exact number of coins with 13 stars and coins with 16 stars yet to be determined. This coin, carefully preserved in good condition, is among them and thus of great value.

11. 1822 Proof Capped Bust Dime

  • Value: 440,625 USD.
  • Grade: PCGS PR-66 Cameo.
  • Sold: June 2014; Heritage Auctions, The Eugene H. Gardner Collection of U.S. Coins, New York, NY.


John Reich, the creator of the first version of the Proof Capped Bust Dime Coin, is renowned for his role as an assistant engraver for the US Mint
under master engraver Robert Scot. After years of hard work and dedication, Reich was able to bring his idea to fruition. Unfortunately, the number of 1797 Draped Bust Dime coins in existence today is quite limited.

Proof Capped Bust Dimes are highly sought after by both the government and wealthy collectors due to their rarity and value. These coins are exquisitely crafted with intricate details, and feature a vibrant iridescent tone around the periphery.

12. 1804 Draped Bust Dime – 14 Stars Reverse

  • Value: 632,500 USD.
  • Grade: NGC AU-58.
  • Sold: July 2008; Heritage Auctions, ANA U.S. Coin Signature Auction, Baltimore, MD


The United States Mint produced 8,264 coins in 1804, each of which was crafted by hand. Casters carved the molds for these coins, determining the number of stars on the reverse side between the eagle and the cloud ring. Typically, 13 or 14 stars are featured on the reverse of coins from this mint.

The rarity of 1804 coins is evidenced by the estimates of statistical experts, which suggest that only 20 coins with 14 stars and 75 coins with 13 stars remain in existence. This scarcity has driven the value of the coin to a staggering 632,500 USD.

13. 1796 Draped Bust Dime

  • Value: 881,250 USD.
  • Grade: PCGS MS-67.
  • Sold: June 2014; Heritage Auctions, The Eugene H. Gardner Collection of U.S. Coins, New York, NY.


This Specimen Strike coin is distinguished by its finely engraved details, indicating it was struck from a new mold. Despite some flaws on the planchet, the coin still retains its beauty. Experts attribute this to special material handling and preparation. It is not classified as a Proof coin,

The United States Mint has produced over 22,000 of these coins, however, only a mere 1,000 remain in existence today. This particular example is especially valuable due to its pristine condition, with clear details visible on both sides. As a result, it is highly sought after and scarce.

14. 1873-CC Liberty Seated Dime – No Arrows

  • Value: 1,880,000 USD.
  • Grade: PCGS MS-65.
  • Sold: August 2012; Stack’s/Bowers, The ANA World’s Fair of Money Auction, Philadelphia, PA.


This 1873-CC No Arrows Liberty Seated Half Dollar is the only one of its kind, making it highly sought after and valued at up to nearly $2 million. This coin is unique due to its production at the Carson City, Nevada mint, which required arrows to be placed on either side of the date. On March 3, 1873, Chauncey N. Noteware, Coiner at the Mint, and his staff delivered 12,400 coins to Superintendent Henry F. Rice, which were absent of any arrowheads.

The miraculous existence of the No Arrows 1873-CC coin is attributed to the fact that it was among five coins sent by Director Rice to Philadelphia in accordance with the annual Assay Commission statute. Despite the fact that all other coins were melted down, this particular coin has been preserved in an extremely well-preserved state, making it one of the most valuable coins in existence.

15. 1894-S Barber Dime

  • Value: 1,997,500 USD.
  • Grade: PCGS Branch Mint PR66.
  • Sold: January 2016; Heritage Auctions, FUN U.S. Coins Signature Auction, Tampa, FL.


The Barber Series coins produced at the San Francisco Mint during the first half of 1894 are highly sought-after by collectors. Of the 24 coins minted, only nine remain, all of which are Proofs. Two of these Proofs are heavily worn.

The mystery of why only 24 Proof coins were minted remains unsolved. Various theories have been proposed to explain the additional printing, such as the Mint Director minting them as gifts for influential bankers during a visit to the San Francisco mint, or to round out the figures in the mint’s record books.

The 1894-S dime is one of the most sought-after coins produced in the United States, due to its rarity and the mysteries surrounding its past. This particular example, pictured here, sold for an impressive $1,997,500, making it the highest-priced Proof coin ever sold.

16. Honorable Mention – 1916-D Mercury Dime

  • Value: 195,500 USD.
  • Grade: PCGS MS-67 Full Bands.
  • Sold: August 2010; Heritage Auctions, ANA Signature & Platinum Night Auction, Boston, MA.


The Mercury coin series, first produced by the United States Mint in 1916, is highly sought after by collectors despite not being among the most valuable coins. Its great beauty, however, deserves to be widely recognized.

This coin is exceptionally rare due to its low mintage. With only 264,000 coins produced at the Denver Mint, compared to 22 million coins from the Philadelphia Mint and 10 million coins from the San Francisco Mint, it is highly sought after. Furthermore, its condition is remarkable, boasting vibrant colors on both sides, making it the most valuable Mercury coin in the series.

Our website offers a comprehensive list of the top 16 most valuable dimes, complete with information on their value, history, and characteristics. If you’re a coin collector, be sure to visit our website for more interesting content.

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