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Determining the exact value of a 1952 penny can be a difficult task, as it is dependent on a variety of factors such as initial mintage number, coin grade, and demand. Understanding the different values of cents is essential when making purchases or receiving payment. In this article, we will explore the value of 1952 pennies.

1. 1952 d penny

  • Value: $0.85 – $2.28
  • Grade: MS 63RB
  • Sold: $5.00

The 1952 Lincoln cent, produced by the Denver Mint, is a highly sought-after item among collectors. Its obverse features a detailed portrait of Abraham Lincoln, dominating the center section. The “D” mint mark beneath the date indicates that the coin was struck at the Denver Mint.

In 1952, the Denver Mint achieved remarkable efficiency in the production of Lincoln coins, with a total of 746,130,000 coins produced. Unfortunately, many of these coins have since been lost or destroyed, making them difficult to find.


The design of coins features the inscription “Liberty” placed to the left of the profile of Abraham Lincoln, with the minting year inscribed on the opposite side. Above Lincoln’s profile is the standard phrase “In God We Trust”. On the reverse of the coin are two inscriptions. The top half of the coin features the nominal value of “One cent,” while the bottom half displays the words “United States of America.”

2. 1952 s penny

  • Value: $2.28 – $4.52
  • Grade: MS
  • Sold: $6.00

The 1952-S Lincoln Cent is the least available of the three varieties of Lincoln Cents minted that year, with examples of good condition and quality being particularly difficult to find. The “S” mint mark beneath the date indicates that the coin was struck at the San Francisco Mint, and while San Francisco coins are generally rare, this particular variety is especially so. As such, it commands a higher value among collectors.

The San Francisco Mint produced a mere 137,800,004 cents in the given year, the lowest number of any year. Despite being in circulation, some of these coins can still be found in excellent condition.

A 1952 s coin of above-average quality is sure to make a strong impression, however faint and indistinct text along the contour may detract from its eye appeal. Collectors typically prefer coins with clear and crisp details.


3. 1952 Canadian penny

  • Value: $0.03 CAD
  • Grade: MS-65
  • Sold: $1,95

In 1858, the first Canadian penny was issued, and the last George VI Canadian coin, issued in 1952, is now available in an uncirculated state. The Royal Family is highly esteemed in Canada, where King George VI is particularly beloved.

The Royal Canadian Mint issued the 1952 Canadian penny. This coin, minted during the reign of King George VI, has a unique place in Canadian monetary history. The value of the 1952 penny is determined by a variety of factors, including quality and wear, demand, supply, rarity, and finish. At the time of its issue, the minimum value of one coin was 0.03 CAD, based on the worth of its metal components.


The 1952 Canadian penny features 1 cent engraved with two maple leaves on the same branch, with the date printed on the left and the word “Canada” on the bottom. This design is similar to the 1937 coin, with one exception in 1967. To identify the value of this penny, consult a coin collector’s guide or online resource.

4. 1952 Australian penny coin

  • Value: $19.10 – $106
  • Grade: Fine
  • Sold: 75AU$

The Australian coin, a small circulating currency of the Australian Pound, is of the same size and constitution as its British decimal counterpart. In 1938, George Kruger Gray’s design replaced the original, which featured only text on its reverse side. This new design featured the iconic dancing kangaroo.

Issued in 1952 at the Perth Mint, the Australian penny coin bore the portrait of King George VI facing left on its left side, surrounded by the legend “Georgivs VI D:G:BR:OMN:REX FIDEI DEF”. This coin was released in the same year as King George VI’s passing and Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne.


5. 1952 British penny

  • Value: $0.25 – $100
  • Grade: HIgh Grade
  • Sold: 0,25 US$ – 100.000,00 US$

The passing of George VI in 1952 due to lung cancer, after a lifetime of heavy smoking, may have had an effect on the production of coins that year. However, coin production had been plentiful since 1949, with some coins being produced in 1950 and 1951. The amount of coins released each year is dependent on demand.

In 1952, four denominations were issued: sixpence, threepence, farthing and halfpenny. Of these, the sixpence is considered to be scarce or “critical” due to its low turnover rate compared to the other six cent denominations.


The 1952 British penny features a portrait of King George VI’s bare head facing left, with the artist’s initials HP inscribed in small letters below the cutout. Engraved around the coin is the legend of the monarch: GEORGIVS VI D:G:BR:OMN:REX FIDEI DEF.

George VI, by the Grace of God, King of all England and Protector of the Faith, is depicted on the obverse of the coin. The reverse features Britannia, the female embodiment of Great Britain, seated right-facing and wearing a Corinthian crested helmet pushed back to reveal her face and fluttering skirt, all within a beaded border.

The figure of a woman stands prominently in the foreground, her right hand resting on a shield emblazoned with the combined crosses of the Confederate Flag, her left hand gripping a trident. In the background, ocean waves lap against a lighthouse on the right, while the words “ONE PENNY” encircle the scene.

6. 1952 german penny

  • Value: $0.66
  • Grade: VF
  • Sold: 0,24 US$ – 2,50 US$

Franz Paul Krischer was responsible for the engraving of the 1952 German penny. The two sides of the coin feature a hammer and compass, symbolizing the union of the working class with intelligent workers and peasants. The date is located beneath the images. On the reverse of the coin, the text “DEUTSCHLAND” is inscribed, with the mintmark “PFENNIG” below.


The 1952 penny is a valuable coin, with each one having its own unique value and meaning. Depending on the grade of the coin, it can be sold for a certain price. To determine the exact value of a 1952 penny, it is recommended to seek the opinion of an expert.

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