Value and Prices of 1942 Pennies: What to Know


Collectors of ancient coins have long favored the 1942 penny for its increasing age and historical significance. As these coins become increasingly rare, their value continues to rise. This article examines five different types of rare 1942 coins that have been released over time.

1. 1942 D penny

  • Value: 35 cents to over 5 dollars.
  • Grade: Not much scratch, smooth
  • Sold: Over 200 million copies (as of 2022)

Centrally located on the reverse of the coin is an image of former President Abraham Lincoln, accompanied by an inscription of “Liberty” and the year of manufacture, “1942”. The words “In God We Trust” are inscribed around the edge of the coin at the top.


The 1942-D Lincoln Cent is not particularly rare, as evidenced by the fact that coins in Mint State condition can be purchased for as little as $5, while more desirable specimens may command prices in the tens of dollars. Measuring 19mm in diameter and weighing 3.11 grams, this coin was minted in Denver. This coin is composed primarily of copper, a precious material at the time of its creation. The alloy is comprised of 95% copper, with the remaining 5% consisting of tin and zinc.

2. 1942 S penny

  • Value: $0.22 to $13
  • Grade: Good to Brilliant Uncirculated
  • Sold: More than 85 million

The 1942 S penny features the same design on its reverse as the 1942 D penny, with the words “United States of America” and “One Cent” inscribed. Additionally, two wheat stalks are depicted on either side of the coin, giving rise to its alternate name, the “Wheat Coin” . The inscription “E Pluribus Unum” is featured prominently on the face of the coin, a Latin phrase meaning “Out of Many, One” .


Coin S and Coin D, both from 1942, are of similar value. They are not particularly sought-after by collectors, however the condition of the coin can significantly increase its worth. An uncirculated example of this San Francisco-minted coin can fetch up to $13, with a weight of 3.11 grams and a diameter of 19mm.

3. 1942 Canadian penny

  • Value: $0,15 to $507 (MS-65)
  • Grade: quality and wear, supply and demand, rarity
  • Sold: Over 76 million.

The value of a 1942 penny is determined by its condition and mint mark. Coins in excellent condition and with a “D” mint mark are worth the most, while those in poor condition and with an “S” mint mark are worth the least. The 1942 Canadian penny has a higher value than the two previously mentioned coins due to the fact that up to three different types of Lincoln coins are minted each year, making it a major factor in determining a coin’s worth.


This coin features an impressive design, with the iconic symbol of Canada – the maple leaf – at its center. The year of manufacture, 1942, is minted on the right side, while the words “1 cent” and “CANADA” are featured above and below, respectively. King Georgivs VI is prominently featured on the face of this coin, which has a radius of 19.05mm and weighs 3.24 grams. Its alloy ratio is 95.5:3:1.5, composed of copper, tin, and zinc.

4. 1942 Australian penny coin

  • Value: $0.75 to $92 (circular). $53.10 to $500 (non-recurring).
  • Grade: Smooth, sharp.
  • Sold: No statistics yet.

The obverse of the 1942 Australian penny features King George VI facing left, sans crown. Below is the HP character, an abbreviation of the coin’s creator. This penny was issued for a period of 24 years, yet remains highly sought after by collectors, who are still able to bid on it. Consequently, the 1942 penny value remains high.


In 1938, the back of the coin was redesigned to feature the symbol of Australia – the kangaroo. This coin is divided into three categories: ‘Y.’, ‘.PENNY.’ and unsigned type. Generally, the 1942 ‘Y.’ coin is more valuable than the other two.

5. 1942 British penny

  • Value: £0.8 to £54,00
  • Grade: Full of detail, identifiable
  • Sold: Total value around £71 million

The 1942 British penny was in circulation for 27 years, until 1969. Its value is determined by the type of coin that is no longer in circulation. It bears a resemblance to the Australian 1 cent coin, featuring a large boat as its symbol. The coin is adorned with a beaded rim, and its design features three large masts, symbolizing Sir Francis Drake’s yellowtail ship.


The half coin boasts a more compact design than other coins of the era, and its rarity is classified as C-class due to the small number of specimens in circulation. Almost all of these coins have been recovered or are owned by someone, thus their value is determined by the condition of the item.

The 1942 penny continues to be a topic of conversation among collectors, with its value varying depending on its condition and rarity. Those in good condition and rarer specimens are likely to fetch a higher price. Individuals are often willing to invest considerable sums of money in coins that hold personal value. This article provides an overview of coins that have been in circulation for 80 years, offering readers an opportunity to appreciate their worth. We hope you find it enjoyable.

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