Value of a 1970 Quarter


The 1970 quarter is worth more than its face value due to its history and background. This article will explore the purpose and background of the coin, as well as what makes it appealing and valuable to collectors. By examining the coin’s history and information, we can gain insight into its current value.

1. 1970 Washington Quarter Mintages

The 1970 Washington quarter dollar has a special mintage, making it a highly valued coin. The process for mintage included:

  • 1970 saw the production of 136,420,000 Washington quarters at the main US Mint in Philadelphia.
  • The Denver Mint produced the most quarters that year, totaling 417,341,364.
  • Only proof 1970 quarters were produced at the San Francisco Mint. In 1970, it produced 2,632,810 quarters.
  • With over 553 million quarters and over 2.6 million proofs produced in 1970, a quarter must have something unique to stand out. Fortunately, all three US Mints made several errors that year.


2. The Most Valuable 1970 Washington Quarter: The $35,000 Quarter

The 1970 quarter is renowned for its rarity and value, having been produced on an 80% silver 1941 Canadian quarter. This one-of-a-kind coin has been valued at an astonishing $35,000, making it one of the most expensive coins of its time.

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), a world-renowned coin grading agency, has assigned this singular coin a PF65 rating. Mike Byers, a specialist in coins and an author, has described it as “one of the most unique and captivating proof mint errors ever discovered.”


A 1970-S quarter was famously overstruck on a Canadian George V silver quarter, obscuring the date but leaving other details visible. In August 2020, this unique proof error coin, graded PF64 by NGC, sold for $7,800.


Other 1970 quarters worth up to $35,000 are not mint errors, but rather are from the mid-1800s, 1860s, and 1870s, according to CoinTrackers’ web database. Additionally, similar rare quarters from 1970 have been offered for $2,500 and $5,000 on eBay.

3. Weird Is Valuable: 1970 Quarter Errors

Error coins are some of the most peculiar specimens you’ll ever come across. This is due to the fact that when the blank is not properly inserted into the press, the design is pushed out of the center, leaving part of the coin smooth. The value of such a currency increases in proportion to the degree of off-centering.


A 1970 quarter with an off-center double strike was sold for $1,020 in 2021, graded MS64. This “Double Struck – Second Strike 70% Off-Center” coin is an unusual example of its kind. Additionally, two other unusual 1970 error quarters were sold for $1,260 and $216 respectively; one was struck on a Lincoln and the other on a Jefferson.

4. The “Thin” 1970-D Washington Quarter

Coins are produced by stamping circular blanks from metal sheets and then feeding them into coining presses to create the finished product. In 1970, a worker at the Denver Mint inadvertently put a piece of metal intended for dimes through the quarter-producing machine, resulting in quarters of dime-like thickness.


The 1970-D Quarter on Dime Stock is an officially recognized error coin. An estimated 100,000 of these coins were produced before the mistake was discovered. Currently, 1970 quarters produced on dime stock are valued between $30 and $350.

5. Grading 1970 Quarters: Appearances Are Everything (phân loại các đồng quarter năm 1970)

A scale of 1 to 70 is employed to grade coins, with even a single step down resulting in a significantly lower value. Coins intended for circulation are stored in large bins and canvas sacks, often damaged and dented, making it difficult to grade a circulation-strike coin MS70.


Proof coins from 1970 are highly sought after due to their potential to receive a score of 70. A few of these coins have even achieved a PR69, which is just one step away from the highest possible score. However, these coins must be treated with care and kept in their original sealed sets in order to maintain their value.

6. Prices for Highest Grade 1970 Quarters

The value of a 1970 quarter is dependent on its grade. The highest grade coins are the most valuable, while the lowest grade coins are worth the least. To explore the cost of these coins, let us consider them from highest to lowest grade.


1970 Washington Quarter

  • MS67+: $2,160
  • MS67: $264
  • MS66: $34

1970-D Washington Quarter

  • MS68: $2,160
  • MS67: $47
  • MS66: $11


1970-S Proof Washington Quarter

  • PR69: $14
  • PR68: $12

1970-S Proof Washington Quarter (Cameo finish)

  • PR69 CAM: $34
  • PR68 CAM: $16


1970-S Proof Washington Quarter (Deep Cameo finish)

  • PR69 DCAM: $455
  • PR68 DCAM: $88

7. What Is A Proof Coin?

Proof coins are the best commemorative coins, featuring a mirror-like polish achieved by striking the coin multiple times. Cameo coins have an even more intensely reflective appearance, while deep cameo coins are the rarest and offer an extraordinary mirrored look.


8. Can You Find A 1970 Quarter Worth Money?

It is relatively straightforward to ascertain the value of a 1970 quarter. While it is possible to find 1970 quarters in circulation, these coins may feature unique characteristics such as thin strikes, double strikes, and off-center strikes, which can increase their value. Furthermore, coins that have aged well and remain in their original condition are more desirable to collectors and thus command a higher price. Conversely, coins that have been cleaned will have a significantly reduced value.


The 1970 quarter is a highly sought-after coin among collectors, with its value determined by its grade. This article has provided an overview of the coin’s worth, highlighting its special and unique qualities. Further research into the 1970 quarter’s value will enable a greater appreciation of its rarity.

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